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  • The Cost of Waiting

    The Cost of Waiting

    I have heard from many sellers and buyers in recent months that they are planning to wait to make a move til the market calms down. Are they making the right decision??? I’d like to share with you what the experts are predicting about the housing market in the next 5 years.
    Written by Krista Hartmann
  • What’s an Appraisal?

    What’s an Appraisal?

    In 2021, with so much competition in the housing market, there has been a lot of talk about appraisals. Today we will discuss the 5 things you need to know about appraisals. Have you been hearing of people “waiving” their appraisal during this very competitive market? Even though some buyers are waiving them, lenders are still requiring them.
    Written by Krista Hartmann
  • Does the Highest offer Always win

    Does the Highest offer Always win

    The home buying process is a fun but also agonizing experience that is as gut wrenching as a stanley cup playoff run by the Blues in 2019. When you find the home you fall in love with, you don’t want to miss out on it and go back to the drawing board to find another home that you hope is just as good. You might think that the highest priced offer always win. But, that’s not always true. Here’s 5 reasons the highest offer doesn’t always win, and how you can make sure you’re the one getting your dream house instead of someone else.
    Written by Nathan Dehn
  • Summer 2021 Update

    Summer 2021 Update

    Have you been waiting to sell because you don’t know where you’ll go? Now may be the time to start exploring your options! In St. Louis Missouri , we are definitely seeing a softening of the market here in July of 2021 as I’m writing this
    Written by Krista Hartmann
  • Get to Know the Neighborhood- Tower Grove

    Get to Know the Neighborhood- Tower Grove

    There are so many amazing neighborhoods in St. Louis City. All with unique features, home styles, and amenities. So which is right for you? There are 79 neighborhoods in St. Louis City. And, I can’t cover all of them in 1 video. But today I want to share with you my favorite parts about the neighborhoods surrounding tower Grove Park and what kind of house to expect in the area!
    Written by Nathan Dehn
  • Why Hiring a Realtor is a Good Idea

    Why Hiring a Realtor is a Good Idea

    Thinking of being a FSBO...think again! Did you know that during a real estate transaction, your real estate agent will perform more than 200 tasks on your behalf?? Yet, there are some folks that think it might be easier and more profitable to do it themselves.Saving money on commission is something that probably sounds appealing, but are you really saving money when being a FSBO (or For Sale By owner)?
    Written by Krista Hartmann
  • Attending an Open House

    Attending an Open House

    How many of you have been to an open house while searching for a home? I would bet many of you! Most of you probably are unaware that there is proper etiquette when attending one. You would be surprised at the many things that I have encountered while hosting an open house. Here are some of the Do's and Don'ts of attending an open house.
    Written by Krista Hartmann
  • Are we in a Housing Bubble?

    Are we in a Housing Bubble?

    Many people have been asking lately, "Are we in a housing bubble?" Of course we can't predict the future, and after 2020 I think no one can assume to know what might happen next. But, based on economic fundamentals consistent throughout the country, it does not appear we’re anywhere close to a bubble like in 2008.
    Written by Nathan Dehn