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Monthly Archives: February 2022

    Millennials: Do You Need a Home with More Space?

    By Krista Hartmann | February 28, 2022

    If you’re a millennial, homebuying might be top of mind for you. Read More

    VA Loans – What You Need to Know

    By Nathan Dehn | February 23, 2022

    There’s a lot of misconceptions about the rules with VA Loans, and I wanted to set the record straight. Knowing this information can mean the difference between getting your dream house, or struggling to get your offer accepted Read More

    More People Are Planning To Buy a Home Soon

    By Krista Hartmann | February 21, 2022

    While some homeowners may be tempted to hold off until spring to list their houses, you should know – homebuyers aren’t waiting. Read More

    STL Market Update February

    By Krista Hartmann | February 17, 2022

    Watch the latest market report for the St. Louis area. We are seeing many of the same trends we've seen over the last few months. Inventory of homes for sale is still down and median home prices have risen. Many homes continue to get multiple offers even in January which is typically a slower month for real estate. Contact us today if you have questions about buying a home in this competitive market, or if you are planning to sell your home. Read More

    Are You Ready To Fall in Love with Homeownership?

    By Krista Hartmann | February 14, 2022

    Financial benefits are always a key aspect of homeownership, but it’s also important to understand that the nonfinancial and personal benefits are why so many people genuinely fall in love with their homes. Read More

    Do you have the Right Interest Rate?

    By Krista Hartmann | February 9, 2022

    So, what is your interest rate? If it is over 4%, you may want to talk with a lender to see if it would make sense to refinance. Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve laid out a plan to raise rates 3 times this year and many experts predict rates will go to 4% or perhaps higher by the end of the year. **However, on Jan. 31st, the Feds back pedaled slightly and said they will raise rates in March but are now undecided about the remainder of the year.  Read More

    Sellers: Don’t Wait Until Spring To Make Your Move

    By Krista Hartmann | February 1, 2022

    As you plan out your goals for the year, moving up to your dream home may top the list But, how do you know when to make your move? You want to time it just right so you can get the most out of the sale of your current house. You also want to know you’re making a good investment when you buy your new home. What you may not realize is, that opportunity to get the best of both worlds is already here. Read More