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Are you Thinking of Relocating?

There’s a lot to Consider when Moving to a New City

In August of 1994 my company relocated me to St. Louis after growing up in Rural Iowa.  I really didn’t know many people and I definitely didn’t know St. Louis.  I wondered things like: What is the best area to live in? Will I be in an area in which I can meet friends? Am I close to work?……… Fast forward 27 years to my career in Real Estate: I am the one helping many individuals, couples and families relocate to the St. Louis area and answer some of those questions that I once had.

“Why?” you might wonder, are so many relocating…. Well, let’s talk through some of those reasons and get you informed on some of the important things you need to know if you are considering a move.

Some of the Reasons for Relocating

relocate for family

BEING CLOSER TO FAMILY is one reason we see people moving back to the St Louis area.  Maybe they had moved away after retirement and now grandkids are in the picture and they want to be close to them or maybe it is a family who is wanting to be close to help take care of their aging parents or loved ones.

moving for your job

Moving for Your Job/Career

Companies have been moving individuals for many, many years so it is not a new concept.  What is new is that due to the COVID pandemic many employees were forced to work remotely and now that we are moving towards the end stages of the pandemic many companies have decided that employees can continue to work remotely. 

moving to find lower cost of living

Cost of Living

We are seeing an influx of people moving to the St. Louis area from the east and west coasts where the costs of living are much higher.  This, is in combination, with the ability to now work remotely. 

Things You Need to Consider when Relocating

  • Pre-Approval – you want to make sure to speak with a reputable lender to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for them to lend you money.  They usually require that you have a job or official job offer prior to making a move.  We are seeing many cases now in which, as I mentioned earlier, companies do not care where you work so there is no disruption in employment.
  • Find a reputable Realtor “like yours truly” to help you with your transition. 
    • You want to make sure that you partner with someone who can be your eyes on the ground.  Someone who can find a home that meets your criteria.
    • Someone who is a Full Time Realtor and not someone who “dabbles” in Real Estate – experience goes a long way in this competitive market.
    • Someone who knows the different communities, schools, etc…
    • Someone who is a great communicator and has the technical capabilities to handle all of the negotiations and paperwork involved in the transaction.  I can definitely help you close on a house remotely. 
  • Setting up showings – There are many ways for you to see a property from a distance.
    • Facetime – iPhone users
    • Zoom
    • Often I have friends and family meet with me to see a property on your behalf.
  • Contact moving companies, contractors, etc.  A good Realtor has an arsenal of professionals to help you with these things. 
  • Keep in Touch I encourage my clients to contact me well after we have closed.  Whether that means needing a contractor, restaurant recommendations, or just to say hello or “how about those Cardinals!”  

After all, 27 years ago, I was that person making the move to The Lou!

Moving can be scary but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right team on your side to get you there!  Please call me at 314-769-1499 if you or someone you know needs help moving to the greater Metro St. Louis area. 

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