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Attending an Open House

Attending an Open House Do’s and Don’ts

Watch the video to find out more about attending an open house

How many of you have been to an open house while searching for a home?  I would bet many of you! Most of you probably are unaware that there is proper etiquette when attending one.  You would be surprised at the many things that I have encountered while hosting an open house. Today we are going to talk through some of the do’s and don’ts when attending an open house.

Here are some of the Do’s

  1. WAIT YOUR TURN! – during this time of low inventory we are seeing so many more attendees at open houses.  Also, due to the COVID Pandemic, Agents are trying to take extra precautions to make sure we are staying safe by maintaining social distances and providing sanitizer. So, if you see a line out the door, please wait until someone lets you know it is safe to come into the home.  
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO NOTES ON THE DOOR WITH REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER – right now these are typically COVID Guidelines to keep everyone safe but even during normal times you might see a note on the door with instructions….
  3. REMOVE YOUR SHOES OR USE SHOE COVERS IF REQUESTED! – If you enter a home and see a sign that says this, please don’t ignore this.  These should be located right inside the front door. It is a way for the seller’s to keep their homes nice for potential buyers (and let’s be honest— THAT IS YOU!)  
  4. ASK THE HOST QUESTIONS – please make sure that you are asking questions you may have.  For example- Do you have offers in hand?  When is the seller wanting to move?  Do you have an offer deadline? Who better to find out from than someone representing the seller.  If they don’t know the answer to a question then be assured they have a direct line to find out for you.  That being said… do not give too much personal information to the host as they do work for the seller!!!!
  5. TAKE INFORMATIONAL SHEETS AND LOOK AT SELLERS DISCLOSURE IF AVAILABLE – These things are here for your knowledge and listing agents are happy to share them. 

Here are some of the Don’ts

  1. DON’T WEAR YOUR PROVIDED SHOE COVERS OUTSIDE!!  – I think that is pretty self explanatory as to why.
  2. IF YOU ARE WITH YOUR AGENT AT THE OPEN HOUSE, DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR OFFER WHILE IN THE HOME AND DON’T BE RUDE OR MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT THE HOME – You know those security cameras??? Well… you would be surprised how many there really are in different areas of a home listening to your every comment.  (I have even seen one in a laundry room !)  These comments could possibly make or break a deal for you 
  3. DON’T USE THE RESTROOM!!  – No one wants a surprise when walking in to view the bathroom. 
  4. DON’T LEAVE DOORS OPEN IF YOU GO OUTSIDE!!!  Trust me, no one wants to see me chasing a bird or wasp around a house (well, I guess it could be comical)
  5. DON’T BRING FOOD OR DRINK INTO AN OPEN HOUSE – We want to make sure that you leave the house in the same condition it was in when you entered it.

These are just some tips to think about while attending an open house.  We want you to come inside and take a look at what could possibly be your new home.  As someone who hosts many of them, I can tell you that it is my goal to make it the best experience I can for you.

I hope you found these tips helpful!! Maybe I’ll see you at the next open house!

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