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Information for Self employed Buyers

Information for Self Employed Buyers

Are you Self Employed like me and thinking of looking for a new home for you or your family?  If so, you might be asking yourself… “what documents will I need to gather to provide to my lender to make the transition happen as smooth and quickly as possible”?

I want to share with you a list of the majority of the items that most lenders will require of self-employed borrowers in addition to the normal documents.

  •  Copies of the most recent 2 years Tax Returns with all schedules (including K-1’s if applicable)
  •  Copy of the most current profit and loss statement and balance sheet for your business
  •  Copy of corporate /partnership tax returns for most recent 2 year period if owning 25% or more of a company
  •  Copies of any W-2’s and/or 1099 forms you might have

I would encourage you to keep these documents handy or in a place familiar to you so that you can easily access them.  As a self-employed borrower, this will help you move more quickly through the borrowing process. 

I mentioned before that these documents are in ADDITION to the normal documents that the lender may require so our team has a more complete list of Documents needed for all borrowers, regardless of whether or not you have self-employed status.  We would be happy to share that list with you or anyone you know that is considering purchasing a home.  Feel free to call me if you would like a copy! We are here to help!

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