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What’s included with your home offer?

You’re Ready to Make an Offer! What’s Included?

Ok, so You have found the property you think you want to purchase…. and amongst all the excitement You are probably thinking now what? What do I do next? Let me give you an idea of what to expect.

We will listen to your needs & provide our input on the property’s ability to meet those needs. If it does, we will research the local market trends so we can determine a price that is fair for the seller and a good value for you. You, as the buyer, will ultimately determine the offer price. Once you have done that, we will prepare all the forms we will need to formally extend an offer.

This will include:

1. The Sale Contract including any contract riders pertinent to the offer (some examples of those are appraisal rider, condo rider, and rental property rider, etc.) The contract will also include price, terms, loan commitment and closing dates and an acceptance time and date so that we know when to expect a response from the seller or sellers.

2. It will include all signed disclosures pertinent to the property as provided by the seller

3. A Pre-approval letter from your lender

4. A Copy of the earnest money check

Once we have prepared all those documents, we will send them to you for signature. When putting together an offer make sure that you are reading through it in its entirety before signing. We are happy to sit down to do that with you and answer any questions you might have. Sometimes there are quick deadline requirements for submission so this step might need to be done on the phone or via a Zoom meeting. Thank goodness for technology!!!

Once everything has been discussed and reviewed to make sure everything is completed. We will then send the offer via email and continue to follow up on any responses or counterproposals so that we can reach a mutually beneficial contract to close with. A lot happens in this time period, and we will be there for you every step of the way. We will keep you up to date on any contract requirements with regular progress reports, and we will also update you with any addendums & changes and try to predict potential hurdles so we can avoid them before they happen. Ultimately, it is our goal to get your offer accepted! We are here to help!!

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